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Fashion Accessories for Wrist and Shoulders

Fashion accessories are not a term that is used with any frequency by most people. It is a term that is generally used by those of us who are in the know about fashion and our own personal styles. A fashion accessory is a decorative item intended to further enhance an outfit, often chosen to specifically compliment the overall appearance of the wearer, and intended to further contribute to the overall style of the outfit. A lot of people use fashion accessories on a daily basis, but they are not as ‘mainstream’ as the accessories that are seen on television or magazine pages.

The fashion industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the late eighteenth century. Back then it was considered trashy for a man to wear a feather in his hat. Nowadays if you walk down the street, you will see more women (and men) walking around with these accessories on. The feather is still considered very fashionable, but there is nothing offensive about having a bow or necklace hanging off your neck – it is perfectly acceptable in modern society.

Accessories for the wrist are in fact very popular in the modern world. Wrist watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, toe clips – almost anything can be attached to a wristwatch nowadays. The whole outfit can be completely altered by adding one or more pieces of accessory. Watches are worn for practical reasons, but now that wearing one is socially acceptable, wearing a watch has become a trendy fashion accessory as well.

Parasols are also considered fashion accessories, although many people still think of them as swimwear! Parasols can be dressed up or down; there are different styles available. In the evening, a parasol can be worn with a flowing skirt or jeans, or worn alone. Some parasols are designed for outdoor use, and feature added features such as lightening strips to increase visibility underwater. There are so many different types of parasols, from the simple to the more elegant, that they can actually be worn as part of the casual outfit.

Handbags are another area where fashion accessories for the wrist and/or shoulders are being used more. Handbags are a great way to add variety to an outfit. Handbags can be either large and spacious to hold a lot of stuff or small and chic. There are clutch and backpacks to hold just the right amount, and purses made especially for kids. The possibilities are endless with the right handbags.

Another one of the main areas of fashion accessories for the wrist and/or shoulders is the gym bag. A gym bag can be a casual or formal style, depending on how it is used and what it is made from. Gym bag styles range from messenger bags, through totes, duffel bags and backpacks to sports bags and shoulder bags. These styles are often decorated with zippers or Velcro to help with organization. They can be used for all kinds of things, from walking to working out, and from carrying just the essentials to overnight gear or everything in-between.